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2016 Schedule TBD.

2011 schedule below for reference. We launch races in groups of 2-3 events to allow the coaches to chase. Then crews return to the dock to swap out equipment. We will finalize the 2016 schedule once entries are received.

2011 Regatta Preliminary Schedule:

All events are planned to be run as finals until further notice. The schedule will be finalized once all entries are received (please, check your email inbox frequently the week before the race). Each year to accommodate maximum opportunities to "double up", the schedule gets altered constantly almost up to race day. So check back often.

Please, be aware that the race times are local. Pittsburgh is on Eastern Time. Race times are at the starting line plan to launch ~30min before. There is plenty of time between races this year. Coaches must do their best to ensure their crews are near the starting line 2 minutes before the start of the event. Crews late to the start will be assessed a false start. Crews with 2 false starts may participate in the race for time only, but will not be considered for awards or the team point standings.

If personnel are available, teams are strongly encouraged to enter the Varsity and Novice 8+ events. Generally, the JV and lightweight 4's are run together but awarded points and medals separately.

If enough entries are received to run A & B finals we will create a "B" event that will be given medals but no team trophy points. Please check back often to review any schedule changes.

  ~7:00am Exhibition Open 1x  
  7:30am Event 1 Men's Lightweight 8+  
  7:40am Event 2 Women's Varsity 8+  
  7:50am Event 3a Men's Novice 4+ (A Crews) Kesten Cup
  8:00am Event 4a Women's Novice 4+ (A Crews)  
  30 Minute BREAK
  8:40am Event 5 Men's Varsity 8+  
  8:50am Event 3b Men's Novice 4+ (B Crews)  
  9:00am Event 6a Women's Varsity Pair  
  9:10am Event 6b Women's JV Pair  
  20 Minute BREAK
  9:40am Event 4b Women's Novice 4+ (B Crews)  
  9:50am Event 7 Men's Novice 8+  
  10:00am Event 8 Men's Varsity Pair Rathburn Cup
  10:10am Event 9 Women's JV 8+  
  10:20am Event 10 Women's Varsity 4+  
  20 Minute BREAK
  10:50am Event 11 Men's Lightweight 4+ Milikowsky Cup
  11:00am Event 12 Men's JV 4+  
  11:10am Event 13 Women's Novice 8+ Barry Cup
  30 Minute BREAK
  11:50am Event 14 Women's Lightweight 4+  
  12:00am Event 15 Women's JV 4+  
  12:10am Event 16 Men's Varsity 4+  


Last updated 2/14/2016