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University Rowing Association Championship Regatta

Lake Arthur • Moraine State Park • Pennsylvania

March 30, 2008

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2008 Chicago Alumni Cup Champions
University of Rochester

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2008 Case Alumni Cup Champions
Washington University in St. Louis

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From left to right: Doug Rathburn, Pat Hunt, Derek Turnbull, Chris Harris, Kirk Altman, David Ingber, David Rice

Milikowsky Cup for Men's Lightweight Four with Coxswain
2008 Winners - Washington University in St. Louis

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From left to right: Ryan Whelpley, Kevin Sullivan, Doug Rathburn

Rathburn Cup for Men's Pair without Coxswain
2008 Winners - Washington University in St. Louis

Setting Up the Day Before the Regatta

Filling BuoysFilling Buoys

Filling buoys at the park maintenance building has become quite the tradition.

Filling Buoys

This year I bought enough buoys to outfit and entire rowing course with markers every 500m. We can now host an entire regatta out of one truck!

Cameron Launch

Putting those buoys onto the course with Cameron from WashU every year is also a good time.

CMU Unloading Trailer

The Carnegie-Mellon novices helped with the launches and bricks for the buoys

Carrying Buoys

More buoys.

Rathburn Helpers

Doug's wife and parents came along to help set up.

WashU Parent Tailgate

WashU has a tremendous parents contingent and they came the day before to feed the team. Thanks for the hot dogs!
The biggest tradition of this regatta is the great weather the day before (as you can see) followed by cold and rainy weather the day of. We can't ever catch a break...

People That Made the Day Possible

Head Coaches

Ryan (Geneseo), Cameron (WashU) and Will (Rochester) spent the entire day in the launches in the cold & rain. I can't thank you enough.

Head Coaches

We were a little short staffed at the finish line tent this year. We drafted my parents and folks from Chicago and CMU to help out. Thanks Chris, Mike, Paulie, Liz, Erynn, Hugh and Pat.

Awards Ceremony

Huddled MassesHuddled Masses
Huddled MassesHuddled Masses

The Huddled Masses

WashU Team Photo

WashU Team Photo
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UChicago WomenUChicago Men

U. Chicago team photos

Doug Megaphone

And a picture of me relating the history of the URA Regatta and handing out medals. Thanks to everyone for a great day!
See you next year!

I was pretty busy at this year's race so I didn't take as many photos as usual. If any participants have photos they'd like to add to the site just send them to the me and I'll do my best to get them up.

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