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University Rowing Association Championship Regatta

Lake Arthur • Moraine State Park • Pennsylvania

April 1, 2007

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2007 Chicago Alumni Cup Champions
Washington University in St. Louis

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2007 Case Alumni Cup Champions
Washington University in St. Louis

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From left to right: Jon McCune, Julie Higgins, Richard Soukup, Chris Harris, Pat Hunt, Mark Lillian

Milikowsky Cup for Men's Lightweight Four with Coxswain
2007 Winners - Washington University in St. Louis

Moraine Sign

The race has been held on the Lake Arthur South Shore for the past three years. The venue provides a wide, straight 2k that's very sheltered. However, it's in a state park so we need to be careful to mind the site and there are no docks. It's cold in the spring and it rains a lot as you'll see from the photos here. Because of the rain, we didn't have anyone out in the launch taking photos like last year. So I walked around the trailer and spectator area and snapped a bunch of pics.

Boat Launch Area

Launch Area

The large expanse of grass is perfect for a regatta with less than 10 teams. There's enough "beach" frontange to launch & recover quite a few boats at the same time.

Chicago Landing

Because it's a state park we can't install docks. So bring extra socks!

Rochester Landing

Rochester's men coming in from a tough race.

Case Debrief

Coach Marcovy from CWRU debriefing his men's four after their race.

U. Chicago

U. Chicago's tent.

WashU Trailer WashU Tent

WashU's trailer and makeshift, but effective, tent. It rained for the majority of the regatta, but it didn't slow them down any.

People That Made the Day Possible

Tim Dockmaster

Tim, the head coach of Case, performed dockmaster duties.

Eric Finish Erynn Finish

Eric from Chicago manned the computer for the race results. My wife, Erynn, helped with everything else for the regatta making sure that none of forgot anything nor had to do without coffee and bagels. The regatta wife is the most under appreciated person on the planet. The regatta really would not have happened without her understanding, help and support. Thank you again!

Chris Finish

This photo more than any other gives a hint of how rainy and miserable the day was. Racing was never in jeopardy and it was never too cold, but it wasn't enjoyable either. Here you can see Chris, the head women's coach at Case, manning the finish line air horn. She was the glue that held the finish together.

Will Doug Ben

The man in the left orange coat is Will, head coach at Rochester, who was at the start all day. Ben from Carnegie-Mellon is in the orange coat to the right, and he coordinated all of the local arrangements like permits and facilities. I didn'd get any photos of the assistant coaches from both NYU (Renee & Melissa) and Chicago (Maris & Jeff) who worked the chase launches. Just because your photo isn't here doesn't mean that you efforts weren't appreciated.

Fun Photos

CMU Novices

A couple novices from Carnegie-Mellon helped blow up the buoys this year. Unlike last year, we had a properly equipped and functioning air compressor, but we thought we'd save more time by blowing up the small ones ourselves.

Buoys Doug Buoys Volvo

Blowing up buoys is fun! But not quite as fun getting them to the regatta site after their blown up.

Case Blades

I just liked this photo of Case's blades. If you'd like to see more go to OarSpotter.com

Launch Tag

Every coxswain needed on of these or smokey would have got 'em!

Men's Lighweight 4

The men's lightweight 4's after the race.

Awards Ceremony

Huddled Masses

The Huddled Masses

Milikowsky Presentation

Jon from Carnegie-Mellon gave an inspiring dedication of the Jonathon Milikowsky Cup. He remembered his friend and team mate who died in June 2006 after dedicated service to the sport and his team. Carnegie-Mellon donated a cup in his honor to the fastest Men's Lightweight 4+ at the regatta an event Jonathan had won previously at the regatta.

Cameron Doug

Cameron, the WashU head coach, and Doug, the regatta organizer, with the team point trophies.

WashU Captains

The WashU captains enjoying the spoils!

Cups Medals

What everyone raced for!

If any participants have photos they'd like to add to the site just send them to the me and I'll do my best to get them up.

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