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University Rowing Association Championship Regatta

Lake Arthur • Moraine State Park • Pennsylvania

April 2, 2006

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2006 Chicago Alumni Cup Champions
Washington University in St. Louis

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2006 Case Alumni Cup Champions
Washington University in St. Louis

My wife, Erynn, requested that she be relieved of dock duty and spend the day in the launch. I gave her a camera and she took the following photos of the day's action.

Here is the Case lightweight/JV 4+ taking on Carnegie-Mellon with the crowd and the WashU 4 in the background.

Here's the Brandeis Men's 8+ getting set to take on the field.

The Chicago Men's 4 is getting some direction from Will as get aligned for the start.

The Carnegie Mellon Women's 4 lining up for the start.

Rochester's men showing the form that won them the Case Cup.

Wash U's pair ripping the water.

NYU's 4 pushing against Rochester.

Aside from the good competition, the race allows the UAA coaches an opportunity to network and have a little fun.

CMU Deflating Buoy

Here's Ben from CMU helping one of his rowers deflate a buoy.

Will Doug Cameron

Will, myself and Cameron were already plotting next year's race.

Here are some of the people that made the day possible.

Will from Rochester

The starting line man Will from Rochester.

Fraser Launch Erynn Launch

Fraser from Case & Erynn relaxing in the sun.

Cameron Launch

Cameron from WashU chasing a race or running away from Johnnie Law (we're not quite sure).

Finish Tent

We had tons of help from Case and U Chicago at the finish for race timing.

Building on tradition, we held an awards ceremony after racing was completed.

The Huddled Masses

Coaches Cups

The proud WashU coaches with the championship cups.


A couple WashU boys enjoying the victory!


What everyone raced for.

If any participants have photos they'd like to add to the site just send them to the me and I'll do my best to get them up.

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