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University Rowing Association Championship Regatta

Lake Arthur • Moraine State Park • Pennsylvania

April 2, 2005

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2005 Chicago Alumni Cup Champions
University of Rochester

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2005 Case Alumni Cup Champions
University of Rochester

The day before the race, Carnegie-Mellon and their head coach, Donald, helped set up the race course at Lake Arthur.


Here is Donald inflating the marker buoys.


There was only one outlet in the park so we used it to inflate and power the laptop.


The attachment scheme was courtesy of Erynn, but we didn't go very fast.

Doug Schedule

Doug tried to be diligent and update the race schedule, but it was soon off before the first race.

The day of the race was miserable with rain and cold. Therefore, I didn't take many photos. The venue itself is pretty amazing for rowing.


Here's WashU setting up near the launch area.


A few folks from Carnegie-Mellon trying to stay dry.

Trailer Parking

The trailer parking area.

People That Made the Day Possible


The starting line man Cameron from WashU.

Case Gang

The gang from Case (Fraser on left and Tim on right).

Ann Emily

Ann and Emily, a couple of rowers from UChicago.

Building on the tradition of the first year, we held an awards ceremony after racing was completed. Due to the poor weather, we rushed through the hading out of medals and swapping of shirts so the athletes could get warm and dry.

Award Ceremony

Doug with the bullhorn. Athletes hating life.

Award Ceremony

The Huddled Masses

Award Ceremony

We like mud. Next year, boots.


What everyone raced for.

If any participants have photos they'd like to add to the site just send them to the me and I'll do my best to get them up.

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