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Team Points Scoring System

The following points system was adopted in 2010 and is used to award the team points trophies: Chicago Alumni Cup for women and Case Alumni Cup for men. To view the points system in place before 2010 please click here.

Points will be calculated in each event for the highest scoring entry for each team in the final. Multiple entries from any team are permitted in an event. An "official event" is defined as two or more varsity designated (including varsity lightweight) crews from different universities or four or more JV/B crews from different universities. Official events will receive points toward the team trophies. If a heat/flight does not meet the "official event" criteria crews will receive medals, but no points.

Events may be combined to reduce the number of flights required during race day. If two official events are run at the same time (e.g. four V8 and four JV8 crews in the same flight) they will be awarded points and medals as if separate. However, if there are less than four JV/B crews combined into an official varsity event only the highest placing boat will earn points. (e.g. four V8 and two JV8 crews with university "X" taking 1st and 3rd -- both receive medals and only 1st receives points).

Tie breakers for the team trophies will be decided by results in highest level head-to-head race between the universities that tied based on the following priority: V8, V4, Lt4, N8, V2, N4, V1

Point Methodology

Points available per entry:

V8JV8, Lwt8, N8V4V2, N4A, JV4, Ltwt4V1, JV2, N4B

Calculation for awarding points:

(Number of Crews Beaten in Event + 1) * Points Available for that Event from above Table


Example for 8 finishers in an event:

PlaceV8JV8, Lwt8, N8V4V2, N4A, JV4, Ltwt4V1, JV2, N4B

Example for 4 finishers in an event:

PlaceV8JV8, Lwt8, N8V4V2, N4A, JV4, Ltwt4V1, JV2, N4B

Points will be awarded in Varsity (Open and Lightweight) events with 2 or more entrants from different unviersities.
For JV and Novice B crews to be awarded points there must be 4 or more entrants from different universities in the race.